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Tired of using dozens of registrar platforms for your backorder domains? Leave that to us! No more multiple logins and different control panels which can cause delays and cost you money and customers. CATCH.CLUB is here is here to solve your problems. Our proprietary Backorder Platform will consolidate and make managing your backorders efficient and convenient. Capture domains across multiple popular catch services, manage your remote domains and participate in auctions across the web, all in one location.

All restrictions are removed from your domain 66 days after delivery when the domain is added to your account at our registrar partner.

Since the caught domains are scattered through hundreds of registrars, we will manage the domain for you for the first 60 days. Then the domain will be delivered to your account for full control.

Domains can be managed via an A record in your account directly, regardless of where the domain is registered after the catch.

Whois will be updated automatically 66 days after the domain delivery. For the first 60 days we will run trustee service for your domain.


How it works?

Find the domain name of your choice. Currently we support only .com but more nTLD and ccTLDs are coming!

Let us know how much the domain is worth to you by placing a bid.

Follow the auction, to make sure you have the highest bid.

We place the order for the domain on your behalf across our domain catch partners.

Once the domain is secured through our partners, we determine if your bid is the highest across both platforms and then deliver it to you!


Whom is it for?

a) For people who prefer a high chance of getting an expired domain for a lower price with one single click instead of trying their luck on a bunch of sites.
b) For those who would like to increase their chances of getting a domain in the pending delete stage.
c) For domain owners who missed the chance to renew their domains on time but cannot risk wasting time and money chasing their pre-owned domain on multiple backorder platforms.

Why may it not be for me?

a) If you are looking to keep the domain for less than two years since our service fee comes with 2 years of domain renewal.
b) You are after a high value domain. In this case it would be better to place an order directly at the catcher for increased bidding chance.


We believe that the domain backordering process should be easier, cheaper, and more time efficient for you.

How much does it cost?

When you place a proxy bid at, we will use that amount as your offer to place the order on your behalf. If the domain was caught at a lower place from our backorder partners, we will only charge you that amount plus a 20% service charge as well as the renewal cost for our registrar partner to renew your domain.